Asylum Of The Insane

Fake it till we make it. We're poisoned by the idea that love cures all. But what if it wrecks us even deeper? My life is a roller coaster. My mind's a massive mass. But it's such an irony how a smile can hide it all perfectly. I can't differentiate what is reality and what is an illusion. You're always on my mind. I DO NOT promote any mental illnesses, self harming or suicide. This is just a blog where I post what I like and what I'm feeling. Need someone to talk to? Im here for you. You're a beautiful and strong person. I know you'll get through this. Don't let people tell you otherwise. Im glad you're still alive. x


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B. Desvarieux  ©

(Please do not remove credit or source. Thanks, Love. I’ll greatly appreciate it.)

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All we have is gone

But I hope I find better things to help me move on

e.a.w. (via awkwardandoverlooked)

I can feel myself slowly sinking. Losing control of everything. And you’re not even here.
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